Meet the Team

Adam McLellan (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Q: 3-cropWhat’s your role on the project?

Design, code and audio. I’m a triple threat, baby.

Q: Why are you making this game?

When I was a kid I used to dream about making video games. I even tried to make some, but alas, didn’t quite have the right combination of ability and persistence to see them all the way through to completion. Now I’m older, mildly wiser, and just the right amount of naive to pull this off!

You could say this is my inner-child living out his dreams, or a near middle-aged man refusing to grow up or let go of his childhood dreams. Either way, you’d probably be right 🙂

Q: What’s your favourite beer?

Red Stripe is my go-to “session beer” (I’m still working on the sponsorship deal–they haven’t returned  any of my e-mails yet). Otherwise, I’m a huge fan of Belgian Trappist and Abbey beers.

Q: And your favourite games?

Too many to list, but the Fallout series definitely tops my list for single player. I’m also big into multi-player couch gaming: Contra, Doom, Perfect Dark, Mario Kart and the like.

Ricardo Chirino (Maracaibo, Venezuela. Currently residing in Panamá City, Panamá)

Q: What’s your role on the project?

Graphic artist. Making the game awesome looking, one pixel at a time!

Q: Why are you making this game?

Games have been my passion ever since I first laid my hands on the Atari 2600 joystick! By the time I played with my spankin’ new NES, I knew I’d be a gamer for life. I also discovered an artistic vein in myself early on, sketching and painting for as long as I remember. So when these two interests clashed, the end result was obvious: I’d make art for video games!

I joined forces with Adam and I’m working to make his dream (and now mine, too!) a reality. Let the games begin!

Q: What’s your favourite beer?

You can never go wrong with the “negra”, the classic Polar Pilsen beer from Venezuela. Unfortunately, where I live now it’s hard to find, so I now help myself to some 507 Red Lager, which is amazing.

Q: And your favourite games?

My favourite game of all time is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I’m not even sure how many hours I have played this masterpiece. Other titles I love are Final Fantasy Tactics, the GTA games (and pretty much every game by Rockstar), BioShock Infinite and Super Mario 64. I also love all things Blizzard. As for couch gaming, I prefer fighting and party games, but you can never go wrong with GoldenEye 64.

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