How To Play


Gamepad (recommended)

For maximum badass-ness we strongly recommend you use a gamepad. At present only Xbox 360 controllers are officially supported, though others may work depending on their button configuration.

Left Analog Stick
Move your badass / aim
A Jump
X Shoot (hold for auto)
B Whiskey
Left Trigger Brace/hold position (for more precise aiming)
Right Trigger Strafe/back-pedal
Right Button Shield
Start Pause / Unpause


Move your badass (W/S only used in jetpack levels)
Space Bar Jump
Left Mouse Button Shoot (hold for auto)
Right Mouse Button Shield
B Whiskey
Escape Pause / Unpause


You will find various items scattered throughout the levels or available for purchase in the store (between levels).

coins-web Coins are dropped at random by certain enemies, found within crates, or secret areas. Used to purchase upgrades and items between levels (Silver = 1 / Gold = 5)
shield-web Shield: increases your total shield time by the number displayed (in seconds)
weapon-shield-web Weapon shield: retain your special weapon on death (automatic one-time use). Available for purchase in the store only.
 whiskey-icon-web Whiskey: Slows time and increases damage at the expense of mental clarity (affects all players). Available for purchase in the store only.


Weapons are found scattered throughout levels or available for purchase in the store (between levels). You will always start a new life with a pistol, unless you have a weapon shield.

Weapon Description ROF CD DMG
pistol-web Pistol Default weapon. Can be upgraded at the store. .375 .175 1
machine-web Machine Gun Standard military issue machine gun. High rate of fire, low cool-down. .15 .05 1
Laser Impress your friends or terrify your enemies with 5000 watts of chargeable directed energy. .375 N/A 1-6
Flamethrower Very high rate of fire but short range. .1 .25 .75
Spread Gun Fires a spread of 5 projectiles, very retro-chic .375 .175 5x.75


Upgrades are available at the store (between levels). All upgrades are lost with your final life.

Weapon Upgrade Price Description
Pistol Rate Of Fire $10 Increase automatic rate of fire by 5% (up to a maximum of 50%)
Pistol Cool-down $10 Decrease cool-down by 5% (up to a maximum of 50%)
Flamethrower Range $15 Increase range of flamethrower by 10% (up to a maximum of 50%)
Machine Gun Burst Mode $30 Fires a burst of 3 projectiles per trigger pull
Spread Gun Wave $40 Advanced sinusoidal technology maximizes probability of hitting
Laser Piercing $40 Laser pierces enemies (and shields!) to perform an additional 10% damage