Early Access

Hey all, Snug here with some big news! After much contemplation, Ricardo and I have decided to release the game in Early Access initially.

“Why?” you ask. “Isn’t the game mostly done?”. Well, yes it is, and that’s exactly why we’ve decided to pursue Early Access:

We’re at a point where we feel the game is “good enough” to release, but we don’t want to release something that’s just “good enough”, we want to release something that’s GREAT!

So, this left us with two options:

  • Release the game as it is, with minimal opportunity to improve it down the road (there are just some things that we wouldn’t feel right about tweaking after full release, such as level designs)
  • Delay the game further

We didn’t really like either of these options.

Enter Early Access.

We feel that by going this route we can maximize our chance of making something great: we’re able to get it in the hands of more players sooner, and we’re able to actually respond/react to the feedback we receive and make changes to the game accordingly. The fact that the game is already stable is a win: you’re not buying a prototype, you’re buying a nearly full game, along with the chance to help take it to the next level.

So here’s the plan:

  • We’re going to drop the price by $2 USD for Early Access (so, $5.99 USD)
  • Those who participate in Early Access will also receive a copy of the soundtrack (which will be available prior to full release)
  • We intend to build and foster an active community during the Early Access period (likely ~2 months). We will be using Slack for internal dev chat and will be opening it up to those who are interested in being more actively involved in shaping the game.
  • We will also watch the community (reviews, discussions, etc.) very actively during this period

We hope to have the game live in Early Access within a week or two, so watch this space for another announcement.

Thanks for your interest in Operation Hardcore, we look forward to working together to make something great 🙂