We’ve been Greenlit!

This afternoon as I was plugging away at something when I happened to peer over at my e-mail for a moment, only to be greeted by a fairly nondescript looking message:



At first I thought it was a mistake. I mean we’d only been on Greenlight for all of 46 days, and although we saw a pretty steep spike in visits and “yes” votes on our first few days Greenlight, things had really slowed down. In fact, we were just ramping up for a long marketing and promotion slog; everything I’d read suggested that we would need to make it to the top 100 to even be considered, and we still had a looong way to go.

Well, all of that became irrelevant in an instant! And while we’ll never really know what factors contributed to us being Greenlit so quickly, Ricardo and I speculate it may be due to:

  • having a playable demo (rather than solely videos/images/etc., which can easily be faked/doctored)
  • having a website and social media presence (albeit a modest one)

In any case, we’re quite grateful to Steam for giving us this opportunity, and to everyone who voted or commented on Greenlight. We can’t overstate what a huge milestone this is for us–not only for the game, but also to us personally!

And though we still have a ways to go, this milestone will no doubt give us an insane amount of motivation and energy to help us see this thing through to completion. We won’t let you down! 🙂

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