Operation Hardcore is hard. And we’re not sorry.

When I was a kid I smashed an NES controller. And I mean smashed it real good. It was absolute toast when I was done with it. I don’t even remember why I did it. MegaMan, maybe?

The point is that some games are hard. Some games are really hard. And some games make you want to smash controllers.

We think Operation Hardcore is just a few steps away from “controller smashing” hard, and we think that’s a good thing.

A testament to this: the folks over at Gone With The Win were nice enough to give the demo a spin and share their thoughts. They had a few choice words with respect to the difficultly.

“no chance in hell”
“unexplainably hard”

In some ways, this is hard to swallow–we want people to have fun with it, of course. In other ways, we couldn’t be happier!

When we started making Operation Hardcore we set out to make a game that captured the essence of classic action games of the NES era: no hand-holding, no second chances, no quick-saving, etc.

We want the satisfaction to come from mastery. From knowing the controls, the levels, and the “traps” inside and out. (knowing the location of the hidden spread gun in level 2 also helps)

We think we’re close. Have we gone too far? Is it too unforgiving? Too unfair? Ricardo and I, as well as the play-testers, say no. But we’d love to hear what you think!


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