Thank you!


Hey all,

I just wanted to take a moment thank you for your purchase. It means a lot to us, and we hope you’re having fun with it!

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that I intend to keep investing in the game over time. It may not happen for a while, as I’ve since moved on to my next project (follow @snugsound on Twitter if you’re curious), but at some point in the near future I plan on adding new challenge levels, weapons, upgrades, game modes, and perhaps even new episodic content. As with most games, we had to drop A LOT of ideas in order to release within a reasonable timeframe, but I really hope to have some of them eventually see the light of day!

In the meantime, anything you can do to help spread the word is greatly appreciated, as is a Like or follow on social media, or an honest review.

And as always, if you run into any bugs please post in the Steam forums or reach out to me directly–supporting OH will always take priority over anything new I’m working on

Thanks again!
Adam / OH team

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